The Second Act Players is ​​a membership organization for seniors age 50 and over, interested in the theater.  
We welcome new members and have many opportunities for becoming involved. 

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Next up:  "Uff Da!"  Written by Jack Dyville, directed by Stephanie Coffield

What happens when five yellow-school busses filled with Red Hat Ladies from the South Central Evangelical Lutheran Ladies Conference of Western North Dakota trek across the Rough-Rider state to see Marie Osmond in The Sound of Music but instead find the theatre marquee ablaze with an adult show entitled, Bedroom Bedlam? No Marie? No Sound of Music? Uff da, these Golden Girls are Not Happy Campers!
The backstage bedlam and the on-stage antics make for a screwball new comedy!  

Friday May 3rd at 7 pm

Saturday May 4th at 2 pm and 7 pm
At the Steeple Center in Rosemount
(Not recommended for children under 13 years
of age)
Uff Da!  Tickets and  Other Information
Recent Performance:

"The Girls Of Autumn" by Paul Barile

August 10  and 11
This new play by Paul Barile really tickled our funny bones!  What happens when an old gang gets together to reminisce, to talk about the good old days, and then decide to get the old gang back together? And then what happens when that old gang just happened to have been a bunch of jewel thieves and getting back together means trying one last job? And then what happens when their old gang leader resurfaces and wants her old job back? Mix this with a few Golden Age budding romances, deceits, and stumbles, and you have a wacky combination that brings new meaning to the term growing old gracefully. This comedy/ mystery has been described as “Clever, amusing, and very surprising." - The New York Times; and "A slick, sophisticated show that is modern and very funny." - WABC TV. ​​
 The cast of "What Really Happened at St. Anthony's" - Spring 2018